Water Conservation Tips For Your Home

As someone in the past clearly pointed out – “the next world war will be for water” has every chance to be true to the core. Many places in different parts of the word are facing serious water crisis these days and the situation is worse in drought affected areas. Before we complain about water scarcity issues, we need to introspect about how we make use of water at our homes. Here are certain tips from Flats in Guruvayur blogs that might help you conserve water at your home. e30

  • Check the way you make use of the wash basin – Don’t let water flow continuously from the tap at the time of brushing teeth. More than 5 litres of water is wasted when you turn on your tap for around one minute. The same is applicable at the time of dish washing.
  • The time you take to bath – Bathing for a long time does not make you more hygienic. Actually it does the reverse; too much time spent for bathing may damage your skin and it happens due to the chemicals present in soaps and shampoos. Take a quick shower that lasts for few minutes and ensure your body is clean, that’s it. This is a great way to conserve water too.
  • Star-rated efficient cloth washers – make use of only star-rated cloth washers that use only less quantity of water.
  • Watering-can – Replace the conventional hose with a watering-can for watering your garden or plants. The conventional hose consumes so much of water that in an hour’s time it empties a 1000 litre tank!!
  • Upgrade your toilet if necessary – Modern flush mechanism makes use of limited quantity of water compared to the conventional types that consume hundreds of litres per day.
  • Rainwater harvesting concepts – You may always conserve the abundance of water that you receive in the form of rain in specially built tanks. The advantage is that you may make use of this stored water for watering plants, dish washing etc and save water and at the same time bills too.

More on water conservation shall be published on Flats in Guruvayur blogs. Stay tuned.

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