Solar Power – Benefits And Drawbacks

Realizing the benefits of solar energy in the long run many households have started to rethink on the conventional power distribution system. Solar power as we all know is a free source of limitless energy. The conventional source of power like hydroelectric power relies on water storage. And at times of water scarcity due to lack of rains, hydroelectric power systems may not produce the required amount of electricity. Now here the alternatives are solar and wind power. In this article, Flats in Guruvayur blog shall discuss the benefits and drawbacks associated with solar energy.

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Solar power – benefits

  • Renewable – Solar energy is renewable in nature. Solar power is inexhaustible source of energy as sun is the source of solar energy. Sunlight shall be freely available for the next 5000 billion years as per the scientists, till the phenomenon known as “sun-death” takes place.
  • Clean energy – Solar energy is clean which means it does not produce any kind of harmful bi-products in any form compared to other sources.
  • Reduced maintenance expenses – the maintenance cost associated with solar energy is very less. There are no moving parts associated with solar energy device and hence friction related issues of machine parts can be avoided. After all what you need is solar panel that comes with 20 years warranty period, provided you get it from authorized manufacturer.


  • High initial expenseOne of the major drawbacks of solar energy devices is that the initial expenses are high. This means that the installation costs are high and therefore people who live in rural areas may not afford it at a go.
  • Power generation depends on weatherIntermittent rains and clouds or anything that blocks sunlight may affect the efficiency of power generation.
  • Space consuming – Greater your power requirement, greater the number of solar power panels. Large number of solar power panels may consume serious space.

Solar panels are on developing phase and it is hoped that their initial cost would come down in the near future. More on solar power and its use shall be discussed in upcoming Flats in Guruvayur blogs.



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