How to save electricity in your household?

How do we make use of electricity? Do we waste a lot of power on a day to day basis while running electrical equipments?  Is a “working fan in a vacant room “a common sight in your home? Do lamps and other lighting equipments keep on working unattended for a long time?   If yes, you are wasting a lot of electricity. And yes that wastage is serious considering the increased demand for energy these days. Flats in Guruvayur blog will let you know the tips to save electricity in the most effective

  • Natural ventilation – You may reduce the usage of fans to a great extent by installing natural ventilation at suitable areas of your home. Natural ventilation includes windows, air ducts etc that provide smooth flow of air both in and out of the home. Good air circulation can keep your room cool limiting the frequent use of fan.
  • Natural lighting – Construct your home with natural lighting facility so that at day time, you need not make use of lighting equipments inside your rooms. In normal case, ordinary glass windows provide ample lighting inside the rooms. But in certain cases, where the rooms are situated in the interiors, you may need to install glass roofs for proper lighting.
  • Use motor driven equipments judiciously – Electrical equipments that are driven by motors consume considerable amount of power. Fans, mixer, grinders, motor pumps etc consume more current than any other motor-free equipment. “Time” is an important parameter that determines the overall consumption irrespective of the type of equipment. Be watchful of the time for which these motor driven equipments work. Turn off the fan, water pumps immediately after use.
  • Unplug – Unplug all the electrical equipments that are not in use. At times, you may accidently switch on appliances like DVD players, music systems etc.
  • Replace desktop computer with laptop – Desktop consume more power than laptop and hence it is always wise to use laptops in order to save energy.
  • Get rid of old TV sets – Old conventional type TV sets consume more current. Replace the old ones with latest LEDs.
  • Use water heaters, ACs judiciously – Water heaters installed in bathrooms and air conditioning systems consume huge power due to their wattage. Hence restrict the usage time of these appliances.

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