Rising demand for luxury apartments in Guruvayur

If we conduct a very basic research of various holy destinations across the length and breadth of India, we may come to an interesting conclusion. And the conclusion is that famous holy destinations are the best pick for people to have their second home. Ardent devotees are the ones who prefer to have their second homes near their most loved deity or pilgrimage centre. The trend is prevalent when it comes to famous pilgrimage destinations like Haridwar, Tirupati, Madurai, Shirdi etc. When it comes to the state of Kerala, Guruvayur has become the most preferred abode of devotees to have their second home. If we analyse the real estate scenario of Guruvayur, there is steep rise in demand for luxury apartments in Guruvayur over the last decade.

for luxury apartments in Guruvayur
for luxury apartments in Guruvayur

Why devotees prefer Guruvayur?

Guruvayur is a small town situated in the district of Thrissur in Kerala. It is around 45 minutes ride from the cultural capital of Kerala – Thrissur. Even Thrissur is a growing real estate destination in Kerala and most of us are aware of the colourful, musical “Thrissur Pooram”. Guruvayur is famous for its Krishna temple where thousands of devotees gather to catch a glimpse of their most loved Lord Krishna. Devotees from neighbouring districts of Kerala and from other States find it difficult to make it to the temple due to the immense rush just before the time of important rituals and poojas. Even the nearby hotels, lodges and accommodation facilities are not available since they are booked in advance. Therefore devotees from far-off places who come to offer their prayers with their families find it very difficult to make a relaxed and convenient visit. The old aged devotees and parents with infants are the ones who face most difficulty.

Therefore, accommodation is a major concern for devotees who come from distant places. And those devotees would certainly like to own an apartment facility nearby the “Guruvayoorappan” temple. This is the major reason for the rise in demand for luxury apartments in Guruvayur.

Close proximity to Cochin International Airport is another reason why devotees engage in real estate investments in Guruvayur. It is an 80km ride from Cochin International Airport to Guruvayur. Thrissur Railway station is well connected via railway and even Guruvayur is connected via rail from Thrissur.

There are many realtors and real estate agents that provide luxury apartments and flats in the town of Guruvayur. Visit our blogs for more.


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