Why low cost house building schemes are necessary?

A vast majority of the Indian population belongs to the less privileged category or comes under the middle class or below middle class section. Building a home of their own is a distant dream for millions of Indians who belong to the lower middle class section of the society. Here comes the relevance of low cost house building schemes. Apartments in Guruvayur blogs will let you know more about its relevance and necessity. Read on.

low cost house
low cost house
  • The Below poverty line – According to the latest surveys, about 22% of the total Indian population still belong to the “Below poverty line”(BPL) category. And this 22% amounts to a staggering 275 million. And that’s the intensity and depth of poverty in India. Many people who belong to this category are devoid of the basic necessities of life like food, water and shelter. Therefore government, NGOs and other organisations must work in unison for the cause of low cost homes for the less privileged.
  • Convenient to build – the low cost homes that have two rooms and a bathroom are sufficient for a small family that consists of 2 adults and 2 infants. The total area of the house can be estimated to around 300 to 350 square feet. These homes are very convenient to build and consume less space. Therefore, the small home concept can be implemented in the form of housing schemes and later developed in to small townships.
  • Less time and resources – the small home concept can be implemented in a short time. Therefore the increase in the prices of the raw materials will not affect the implementation of the scheme. The use of resources or raw materials is less and therefore money can be saved in that manner.
  • Increasing population – Population is ever- increasing and availability of land is a matter of serious concern. Therefore, small home concept is the most feasible option to tackle the prevailing scenario.

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