Home ventilation and its significance

Ventilation is very essential for every household as it determines your quality of living. Each and every room of your home must be properly ventilated to enable smooth passage of air in and out. Smooth passage of air disinfects or neutralizes harmful pollutants and germs that get trapped inside the rooms. Many air born allergies like common cold can be prevented by wisely installing proper ventilation. Flats in Guruvayur blog will let you know more about the different types of ventilation and its significance.

Types of ventilation

Ventilation can installed in 3 ways or categories and they are natural ventilation, mechanical ventilation, and hybrid ventilation. Hybrid ventilation is an amalgamation of both natural and mechanical ventilations.

  • Natural ventilation – natural ventilation is the traditional way of installing ventilation by means of constructing doors, windows, air-holes etc to enhance the circulation of air and heat. This is the most natural way of ventilation for an ordinary sized room.
  • Mechanical ventilation – makes use of fans for the purpose of ventilation. These fans are usually installed in the openings provided on the walls or in air holes. Mechanical ventilation is required for large sized rooms. Mechanical ventilation is also installed to meet the unpleasant or pungent smell in bathrooms, chemical laboratories etc. Exhaust fans effectively serve the purpose of mechanical ventilation. But the size of the fan and an obstruction-free external environment is very necessary for the installation of exhaust fans.
  • Hybrid ventilation – Hybrid ventilation is the combination of the both the natural and Mechanical ventilation. It makes use of both fan and natural openings to precisely regulate the flow of air. In certain cases the use of natural ventilation will not be sufficient enough. In those cases additional mechanical ventilation in the form of fans must be incorporated to the existing system.

Benefits of proper ventilationOpen_windowWall_Panel_Mount_Exhaust_Fans_PEF

Prevents condensation and health related issues – Moist air can cause many health related concerns and can even affect wooden structures and even computers, laptops and other electronic gadgets. Certain respiratory issues and allergic reactions are caused due to moist air. Headaches, sinusitis, asthma related issues can arise from improper or no ventilation. Proper, planned ventilation shall prevent all these from occurring.

Cooling effect – Proper ventilation can combat the intense heat of summer in the most natural and energy efficient ways.

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