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flats for sale in guruvayurGuruvayur is a sacred space in the Thrissur City, known for its thick cultural roots that intertwine with modernity and development, making it one of the most progressive towns in Kerala state. It is a self-sufficient town which is well-connected to major cities. Home to well-established educational institutions and hospitals as well as cultural heritage centers, Guruvayoor is place of rich colours and hues, and a pride to every malayalee living there. Every amenity you can think of is available in Flats in Guruvayoor, and you can experience the luxury and comfort of international living within the limits of this magical town.

Guruvayoor has in recent years seen a big boom in guruvayoor real estate. Flats in Guruvayur have sprung up like mushrooms after a thundering shower, leading to an accelerated development of this town in a very short span of time. Very popular since ancient times for its rich cultural heritage and the famous Guruvayoorappan Temple, there is an aura of bliss and peace encompassing this town. Even in the midst of stupendous economic development, the town remains untouched by the chaos of modernity, thus making it a most preferred location for Keralites to settle down in life. Flats in Guruvayur are in great demand both in Kerala and abroad, with a huge chunk of investment flowing in from NRIs looking forward to spend their retired life in Guruvayoor.

Flats in Guruvayur are a wise investment choice because of two reasons. One is the assured high returns on investment since Guruvayoor is a promising land of plenty of opportunities for growth. The second is the high rental income which is assured for the entire year, because of the endless stream of devotees and tourists who visit Guruvayoor and opt for short stays. Getting a flat in Guruvayur would be the wisest decision you would make, whether you wish to rent it out or not.

Guruvayoor is a very green town. Its natural beauty complements the heavenly aura that surrounds this divine place. It is less than an hour drive from the Thrissur centre, and offers the most peaceful and refreshing location for unwinding oneself and living the quality life.

Interested in making Guruvayoor your home? Go ahead and explore the endless flats in guruvayur options available. Always choose a reputed builders in guruvayur. It will be the best decision of your life. The best value for your money guaranteed.

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