“Beverly is a gated community in its true sense – Abhay Das, flat owner”

All our clients are precious to us, and  eventually everyone becomes family. Here I wish to reproduce what our esteemed customer Mr. Abhay Das (flat owner), had to say about his buying experience with us.

In Abhay Das’s words:

We live as a family back in Dubai and have been resident in the city for over 30 years. We are originally from Chavakkad, Trichur and have a few plots and villas in Guruvayur and surrounding areas. As NRI’s it is always difficult to maintain and manage an independent property if you are not living in town – security is another concern. This stemmed our search for an apartment or community in Kerala. Having browsed through a number of developments we came across Beverly through a friend’s reference. On his recommendation we happened to look into the development and slowly started taking an interest. Last November, we decided to go the place and check out to be sure if it was the right investment for us. I consider myself as quite not so easy to impress person. The very first thing I noticed at Beverly was the grand entrance and gate. I haven’t seen anything like that in Guruvayur or nearby towns. It really stood out and was a statement to what Beverly promises on its website or social media. Not only is it located in a prime, convenient and quiet neighbourhood but the whole development is quality! Beverly is a gated community in its true sense – as soon as you get into the driveway you are welcomed by lush green palm trees and a large garden – filled with the prettiest flowers, plants, the sound of flowing water and a bonsai tree. At night this gets even better with the lights turned on. We loved the ambience and the inner peace it gave us. Unlike other developments Beverly has dedicated a huge area to the community just to maintain that aura. As an NRI I must say that it is quite similar to the residential developments you see globally. From the children’s park to the clubhouse there is a great level of standard and sophistication. We quickly noticed the efforts and dedication put into the community garden, parking specifications, paint, doors and toilet fittings (one thing I’m very particular of – fully satisfied). Quite a lot of attention given to keep it international. The apartments are roomy, airy and spacious. The area also has the freshest, purest groundwater that is hard to find in Guruvayur. We were impressed. In fact, instead of buying one apartment, we ended up purchasing two! A one bedroom and a two bedroom. Currently, we have not given the apartment for rent and do not plan so far as my parents will retire next year and go back to live in Kerala. The buying process is simple and very transparent. The management – Anas and Jerry were very helpful in coordinating all necesary formalities, be it visiting the bank with us, arranging all documents, registration etc. Thoroughly guided as in all aspects and answered all our questions to make things very clear. They were also flexible in negotiating the prices for us. Beverly is a credible development from one of the well-known business family in Guruvayur who are natives of the town for a long time in history. I can vouch for 100% trust and confidence.If you are need a Flats in Guruvayur go for Beverly and anyone who has any questions you can contact me personally.”


Mr. Abhay Das and family were very enthusiastic about finding the right place in an integrated community preferably, where they can get to live with international facilities in their native land. They came to us in November to see our integrated township in Guruvayoor, The Beverly Park. Our dedicated staff took them on a tour of the township, and here are some of their requirements and how we fulfilled those:

1. Location with easy access and investment potential: They were very particular about good access of locality to the main town. Coming here they were convinced that our project stands conveniently close to the city, yet removed enough to enjoy the peace of a tranquil community life.

Guruvayoor is a place of immense investment potential, and even more for a gated community since it comes with all luxury amenities and additional features for maximum privacy and comfortable, healthy living.

2. Fresh groundwater: The client expressed his desire to check the groundwater supply, which we showed him and convinced him it was best in the city.

3. International quality fittings and fixtures: Our luxury homes and common areas come with premium-grade fittings, making Beverly Park a magnificent example of world-class craftsmanship.

4. Safe play area for children: We have a green, well-maintained child play area with premium-grade play equipment. Park benches for ultimate relaxation complete the scene.

5. Quick buy and transparency: The family had come on vacation, and wished to speed up the buying procedures so they can get back to Dubai on time. We assisted them fully to finish all formalities well before time. They were so satisfied with our project that in addition to the 2 BHK flat they initially decided upon, they went ahead to invest in a 1 BHK flat also.

Beverly Developers is committed to exceed customers’ expectations and deliver quality consistently. Our satisfied customers are testimony to our dedicated service, and the trust our customers place in us.

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