Modern Trends in Home-Making

The year 2016 has seen some interesting trends in the design of home interiors and exteriors – Apartments, Flats and Villas in Guruvayoor

Smart Homes

Homes are becoming increasingly technology-driven. Forgot to lock your door or switch off the oven before leaving the house for work? You can do all that sitting in the office at the click of a button on your smart phone. Check on your baby, see you child return from school and watch your house for abnormal activity using advanced security systems. Wireless power controls for temperature, lighting, music etc allows you set the ambience of each room effortlessly.

Tech-Free Living Rooms

Most of us suffer from technology overload these days, so more people are opting for a living room without digital distraction where one can spend some quality time unwinding with family and loved ones, read a book, watch nature or just sit quietly.

Sustainable Design

Use of environment-friendly materials for home construction and décor, opting for energy-efficient methods of running the household, all these come under sustainable home design.

Bringing Nature Indoors

Vertical herbal gardens, indoor courtyards, terrace gardens…… nature is invading the inner space of homes as crammed buildings take up the precious little outdoor green left. Everyone is more aware of the fact that living and working in a green space can uplift one’s mood and have a positive influence on one’s productivity.

More Open Spaces

Today’s homes are designed not to waste even a small area of space, hence the need to open up space by taking away walls. This means fewer hallways and small, wasted rooms and more of larger multi-functional rooms, and easy sliding doors that connect the indoors to the outdoor spaces.

Home is a place of retreat after slogging all day in a mad, competition-driven world. Modern trends see experimentation with simplicity, healthy green spaces, natural materials and use of technology without getting bogged by it. Conserving natural resources and using energy more efficiently receives more importance in the latest home designs.


Beverly builders, the most prestigious Builders in Thrissur, follow the international trends in home design. We have put in dedicated effort to design every home to cater to a healthy mind, body and soul. The floor plans are conceived to make use of every little space in a house, based on sound ergonomic principles. Living in a home designed by us is a pleasurable and most satisfying experience. Along with stunning stylish interiors, each room is spacious and airy. Our well-planned houses have a beautifully landscaped lawn to add charm to the settings.

Our township projects are the most environment-friendly projects in Thrissur, with preservation of original flora and fauna of the location being our top priority. Our deep insights into creation of green living spaces make us the leaders in providing the most eco-friendly solutions to modern living.


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