The Advantages Of Rooftop Gardening

As you all know, most of our cities are overcrowded and it’s difficult to come up with new “green” projects due to the non-availability of space. Many of our cities are overly populated and at the same time polluted too. “Urban tree” concept has become the need of the hour in almost all major Indian cities. Here lies the significance of roof top gardening. Rooftop gardening is the concept of gardening on your rooftop similar to what you do in your normal garden. Here are the advantages of rooftop gardening based on the findings of Flats in Guruvayur blogs.e30

  • Controls air pollution – Air pollution in major cities has crossed all limits and many state governments are trying their best to control the same by enforcing stringent traffic related norms. Plants and tress play a major role in controlling air pollution by limiting the pollutants present in the air like carbon dioxide, nitrogen dioxide etc. And this improves the quality of air in a great way.
  • Checks respiratory illness – Apart from controlling air pollution, urban tree concept is a boon as far as overall health is concerned. Plants help control acute respiratory illnesses and lung related issues like asthma, bronchitis etc thereby aiding a better way of living. By averting illnesses, you can save a great deal on medical expenses.
  • Relieves stress – Imagine you are living in an overcrowded area, where you have no access to gardens or public parks. Having greenery on your rooftop can be a very good alternative in those scenarios. According to studies, visiting nature in its true form helps relieve stress. Therefore the rooftop garden concept can enhance your happiness index too.
  • Temperature control – Most of the Indian cities have so much of construction activities taking place and the vast majority of buildings are made of concrete-roofing. Concrete absorbs heat much easily and it increases the overall temperature of the surrounding area too. Rooftop gardening helps reduce the heat absorption of concrete and therefore house remains cool.

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